Video Job Descriptions

Are you a forward-thinking company?


Did you know Video Headhunting & Video JDs is where it’s at?



Video JD engagement across LinkedIn & other Social Media platforms

We are living in a busy – busy world every second counts, we have already consumed more video Content this year than we did last year, and this is on the increase.
The good thing is we can view video anywhere, whether at home, at work or on the go.
Video JD’s will become the norm, candidates will expect to see and hear why they should join your company…..such as


  • Staff members talking about their role, experience as an employee
  • Footage or images of your office                                                                                                                     
  • Footage or images of team photos
  • Footage or images of your Technology, Products or Services
  • Accreditations
  • Client logos
Job seekers or passive candidates will take the footage or images into consideration when choosing a new job or career,  in the same way it’s the norm for you to view a house or car you are interested in buying only after you have viewed an image or two.
So why should a skilled “In Demand Candidate” interview with your company before seeing and hearing more about your opportunity & company?


Presenters & Actors

We have a growing roster of Presenters for you to choose from, bringing your video job description to life, creating engagement & interest. We also “GET IT that like some of our clients you or a team member may want to appear in Video Job Description too!


Video Headhunting & Video JDs

We combine Video JDs with years of recruitment expertise. Ensuring your Video JD is scripted to drive home the key points, facts, USPs and then target it to Talent that is applicable to your career opportunity. (Your VideoJD can be unbranded, no logos to conceal the brand, company at the early stage of our Candidate contact).


“Candidates can visualise what it could be like for them at your company!”


Your Video JD ……boom onto the smartphone of specific candidates

To date we have achieved amazing “Video opening stats” through targeting candidates through LinkedIn, Facebook or our extensive database of candidates. The recipients see the Thumb nail or video play button when they respond to the message alerts.



If we agree to work together, suggests our research and believe that your brand & career opportunities stack up & the Video Headhunting assignment will resonate with the right Talent.

If for a split second we sense we can’t complete the assignment we wouldn’t take it on…it’s that simple, our goal is to ensure your Career Opportunities not only reach the audience of candidates but resonate, and interest them too and that’s GUARANTEED!!



“The Quick & “visually engaging” alternative to Recruitment Fees!”