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Taylor & Faith Recruitment serving Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, London and beyond.  

First and foremost, we love what we do, we are committed to solving your hiring issues.

It’s our aim to improve employers and job seeker experience through transparency and visually engaging job seekers with video job descriptions.

As a Taylor & Faith candidate your first interview feels more like a second interview after viewing our video job description, our professionally presented videos are current, and engaging providing you with more information than a written job description and can include images of the office, premises, work space, video testimonials from employees, creating interest and realism of what could be expected of you and much – much more.


We are 21st Century recruitment professionals, & we’re also pretty good at marketing too.

The power of video can no longer be ignored.

The power of social media can no longer be ignored.

We combine the two creating engaging video job descriptions…. in most instances they are free of charge to our clients!

Our professional presenters articulate your career opportunity that’s more engaging than a written text job advert posted on a job board or website.

Your video Job Description will capture your company’s personality, incorporating your place of work, your products or services, team photos, and staff testimonials that are so powerful.

Choose a presenter and get in touch to discuss your vacancy and the ideas for your free video job Description.

Hiring? partnering with us you will benefit from

The transparency, honesty and improved 21st century recruitment process.

We bring your vacancy to life FREE professionally Video job descriptions – proactive “Targeted marketing” and promotion of your career opportunity.

Save time by receiving video interviews from us of potential candidate video interviews, ensuring you only invite prequalified candidates in for a more formal interview.