Video CVs are Here!

CVs and a covering letter can be so impersonal.  We always think you can’t get across the personality and buzz of a candidate on paper.   So here at Taylor and Faith we are trying something new!

We’ve always taken pride in being ahead of the curve and so of course we would be the first local recruitment company to start using video!

We are giving you the opportunity to see the candidate before interviewing them through the power of video.  Now at Taylor & Faith we don’t just send CVs, we give you access to video CVs of Sales candidates from various sectors.

Video CVs of sales candidates

As a valued customer, you will receive access to the relevant video CV library all accompanied with our 60 second Sales candidate videos.  All of which you can access repeatedly to assess the suitability.  You can even share the video with members of your hiring team, reducing the time & cost to hire!

In our Video CVs you not only get to hear about their location and sector experience. You also will learn about their achievements, expected salary, interview availability and hear about what makes them tick, their career aspirations, get a sense of their personality too!

Your custom interview questions?

We can tailor the interview questions, essentially we pre-qualify candidates for you, ensuring you can short list candidates from the selected video CVs specific to your vacancy.

Want to make your vacancy stand out?

It’s a tough market out there for recruitment, so standing out is key. So we are giving you the opportunity to harness the power of video.

Using our professional service we can develop you a video to promote your vacancy and give your company the opportunity to share a more in depth understanding than a reading a job description. Giving you the edge over the competition.

Ready to move forward?

We offer a free consultation for all vacancies.  So contact us and get access to our database of Video CVs.