A Plan Insurance


Dear Ian,

Over the years, I have dealt with more recruitment consultants that I care to remember and to be honest the majority have been the bane of my life, calling far too regularly to see if I have a vacancy and then providing me with clearly unqualified candidates.

It has been a pleasure to deal with a firm that I would class as ‘old school’ recruiters that clearly listen to my requirements and only forward CV’s of candidates that fit the bill.

You took the time to meet my candidate early in the morning prior to his interview with me to ensure he would turn up and was appropriately turned out, which is exactly what the recruitment consultant that got me my job with A Plan did back in 1990!

This is a service that only a local firm such as yours can offer and is one of the many deficiencies the new breed of internet based recruitment firms have.

I have lost count of the times recruiters have called me to ask how an interview went not even knowing that their supposedly perfect candidate didn’t even bother to show!

You will be my first point of call whenever I need to fill a position and I will have absolute confidence recommending your services to others and in fact I already have.

Yours sincerely

Martin Lazell

Branch Manager